Get your school in the local paper with LifeGames!

It’s great to see your school in the local paper: the kids love it and so does the community, and we have a plan to help make that happen…

Our LifeGames School Press promotion has 2 purposes: to promote LifeGames and to promote your school. Simply follow the steps below for everything you need to maximise your chances of local press exposure.

You’ll need:

Here’s how it works:

  1. Send consent forms: As you know, this step is a legal requirement. If any parent/guardian does not consent, please ensure their child is not photographed
  2. Play LifeGames: Choose any activity/activities from the LifeGames app/book and take 3-5 photos of the kids during the activity (check document ‘Advice on taking great photos’)
  3. Get feedback: Give each student a feedback form and ask them to give their thoughts on the activity/activities they just took part in (please give us your feedback too!)
  4. Send it to us: Send your images (3-5 max. please), feedback forms and the name of your local newspaper to and we’ll do our best to get them published!