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Company Background

Established in 2017, LifeGames is an educational publisher that provides teaching resources to schools to improve life, social and awareness skills such as empathy, responsibility, respect and cooperation.

Our initial research revealed a distinct lack of essential life skills development in our current education system, with teachers struggling to cope with increased behavioural issues as a direct result.

The LifeGames downloadable app and introductory book were developed by our team of specialists in child care and education, delivering a collection of fun and engaging classroom activities and games specially designed to address these shortfalls.

Following on from a successful pilot programme involving 51 schools across the UK and Ireland in early 2019, the downloadable app and introductory book were launched in September 2019.


Colin R. Turner

Irish author, musician and entrepreneur, Colin is the founder, creative director and designer of LifeGames. Driven by his belief that personal development is just as important as academic development, Colin draws upon his years of experience in business, design and social activism to lead the creation of valuable, effective resources that nurture more rounded, emotionally mature and capable adults of tomorrow.

Sarah McIver

Scottish writer, marketing expert, advocate for change and teacher in training, Sarah is the co-founder, marketing director and publicity manager of LifeGames. Fuelled by her passion for making the world a better place for all, Sarah brings to the table her marketing communications expertise, capturing the essence of LifeGames in words and raising awareness with educational professionals and media outlets.

Lukarte Turner

Spanish illustrator and former childcare worker, Lukarte brings her unique educational skills and childcare experience to LifeGames as staff writer and illustrator. She is driven by a strong desire to see a better education system tasked with preparing young people for the real issues of life and learning how to love and respect themselves better.

Gabriela Andino

A former primary school teacher from Argentina, Gabriela is now a full-time mum and part-time staff writer for LifeGames. Her years of experience in the field with children of all ages and from difficult backgrounds bring a final rigorous quality control to all the activities.

Product Factsheets

Available as a downloadable app and an introductory book, LifeGames is a collection of fun and engaging classroom activities and games, organised into 5 key categories: Self, Community, World, Social Skills and Problem Solving, aimed at children of ages 3-12.

LifeGames App

The downloadable app is free and comes pre-loaded with 40+ activities spread across three age groups: 3-5, 6-9 and 10-12. Another 320+ activities can be purchased in a variety of ways, through add-ons or via subscription:

App download with 40+ activities (iOS or Android)FREE
12 activity ‘add-on’ pack€6.99
Monthly subscription, access to premium features and 12 new activities per month€4.99/mo
Complete set of 120+ activities in a single age group and premium features€29.99
Ultimate set of all 320+ activities in all age groups and premium features€74.99
Annual School Licence – up to 20 devices on one account (price per device)from €30

LifeGames Introductory Book

The book covers the three age groups: 3-5, 6-9 and 10-12, and offers an introductory selection of activities. A sample of the activities as used in the pilot programme is available to view here.

Introducing LifeGames€29.99

Market Research

In October 2017, LifeGames conducted a survey of 227 teaching professionals of predominantly pre-school and primary school age children across the UK and Ireland.

Notable results:

  • 99.6% agreed when asked if better social skills and traits like empathy, compassion, trust, respect and responsibility could help create a better society
  • 98.7% agreed when asked if they thought schools have an important role to play in developing these skills and traits in children
  • 77.1% agreed that schools could do more to help develop these social skills and traits
  • 86.8% said they were likely to use a product that helped develop these skills and traits
  • 89.9% said they’d use such a teaching product at least once a week
  • Empathy was the most lacking of social skills taught in the current education system, with others such as compassion, respect, cooperation and responsibility also mentioned

The full survey and its results are available on request.

Pilot Programme

In January 2019, 51 schools across the UK and Ireland volunteered to participate in our pilot programme, which involved rating and reviewing the simplicity, popularity and effectiveness of a small sample of activities with their students.

216 reviews were returned, with many detailed comments on each activity from both the teachers’ and students’ perspectives. Activities were rated 4 out of 5 for simplicity, popularity and effectiveness, giving an overall rating of 4 out of 5.

The full results of the pilot programme can be viewed here.

Press Releases

‘Two teachers launch free app to help tackle school behavioural issues after successful 51-school pilot’ – September 2019

‘St Mary’s National School features in promo video for soon-to-launch educational app’ – July 2019

‘Free app will help tackle school behavioural issues after successful 51-school pilot’ – May/June 2019

Digital Artwork, Imagery and Video

St Mary’s National School, Carrigaline photo gallery

30 pupils and 2 teachers from St Mary’s National School in Carrigaline, Co. Cork, Ireland took part in some LifeGames activities as part of our promotional video filming:

LifeGames Promotional Video

Featuring the pupils and teachers of St Mary’s National School, Carrigaline, Co. Cork, Ireland.

LifeGames logo

Teachers word cloud

As part of our market research survey in 2017, we asked teachers what life skills, social skills or character development strategies they’d most like to see in our educational system, and created a word cloud of the results:

Word cloud from teachers survey asking which traits are needed in education, with empathy, respect, resilience and responsibility amongst the most common responses.

LifeGames App screenshots

Press Contact

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