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Our vision

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LifeGames Books is a new educational publisher that provides teaching resources to schools to improve life, social and awareness skills.

Our three-book series and app are fun group activities aimed at 3 - 12 year olds that teach essential life and social skills such as empathy, respect, cooperation, sharing, trust, resilience, responsibility, and much more through the medium of play.

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We think that education today focuses a little too much on academic skills that may not provide the most benefit to us in later life. We believe that it's our ability to interact effectively with others that determines our success more than anything.

LifeGames activities are designed to cultivate greater social intelligence, confidence and awareness through short, experiential-based learning techniques.

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We see that the world is changing – and believe that a better society can only come from investing in tomorrow's adults today – giving them the skills they need to have better relationships with themselves, others and the world around them.

LifeGames is available now as a free app and book. Find out more about what our activities teach.

LifeGames learning categories

LifeGames learning activities are arranged into five broad categories, each one promoting different aspects of life-learning.

The five categories are:

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Well-being, personal health, self-awareness, self-confidence and actualisation, resilience.

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Community awareness and understanding, empathy, equality, justice, relationships.

Social Skills icon

Social Skills

Good communication, negotiation, team-work, cooperation, leadership, self-expression.

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The World

Nature, living systems, responsibility for environment and other species.

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Problem Solving

Resolving conflict, critical and solutions-based thinking, dealing with negative emotions.

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Our app comes pre-loaded with 200 fun group activities to try with your class or group.

With activities for different ages and categories, users also have access to the in-app lesson planner, online support and exclusive tips and tricks articles directly from our writers and users.

Download LifeGames app here:

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Buy Introducing LIfeGames - 101 Fun Life Learning Activities for Juniors

Printed version

Introducing LifeGames - 101 Fun Life Learning Activities for Juniors is the essential printed compendium of LifeGames activities for all ages ranging from 3 to 12.

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Get involved!

Do you have an idea for a learning game or activity that you think can help promote better awareness, responsibility and social intelligence? If so we'd love to hear it! Please submit it here:
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(all submissions wil be treated in strict confidence and we will notify you if it's selected for publication)

The LifeGames team

Colin R. Turner, founder, creative director and designer.

Colin R. Turner, Spain

Founder, creative director and designer.

Sarah McIver, co-founder, marketing & sales director.

Sarah McIver, Scotland

Co-founder, marketing & sales director.

Lukarte Turner, author, creative co-ordinator, former child care worker.

Lukarte Turner, Spain

Author, creative co-ordinator, former child care worker.

Gabriela Andino, co-author, primary school teacher, specialist in children at social risk, former nanny and mum of one.

Gabriela Andino, Belgium

Co-author, primary school teacher, specialist in children at social risk, former nanny and mum of one.

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